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The main window Anca is a H.323 client for Qt 3.x. It means that it allows communicating (voice/video) with other similar clients over internet, eg. with Gnomemeeting, OhPhone, NetMeeting etc. Its design is minimalist and clean; has a support for embedded devices. It is very modular. For more information click here.

Anca 0.9.1 'Stars' released

Now you can use Anca with the latest OpenH323 and PWlib libraries that are shipped in Linux distributions. Thanks to Anca plugin system only some minor changes had to be done. So try it out finally! smile

25 Jan 2005 by potrto

First release: 0.9

After a year of hard work I'm proud to release the first public version of Anca. Let's start to experience this jewel wink. You can download it here.

Please note that for compilation you will need openh323 version 1.12.2 and pwlib version 1.5.2. Later versions will not work! For more information about this release see release notes.

Update: There are also binary packages now.

21 Jan 2005 by potrto

Anca released to public!

Welcome! Anca is a grand new internet communicating tool. It supports both audio and video and comes in a fashionable design. Because it was developed internally as a school project, Anca is pretty useful and quite stable. For more information go here.
20 Jan 2005 by potrto